Northwest Rod and Gun Club (NWRGC) was founded in 1960 and has been serving as a
local conservation and shooting-sports club continuously since then.

See list of "Range Open" hours on Calendar page!
Other times by chance, or make an appointment by calling: 715-556-0823

NWRGC is the organization charged with operating Dunn County’s Boyceville Rifle Range, a public range located in northern Dunn County. In that regard, our goal is to provide a safe, friendly, functional shooting-sports facility that meets the needs of area shooters. The Boyceville facility includes two ranges: a pistol range with 6 shooting positions, with the berm 70 yards from the firing line, and a rifle range that includes 16 sheltered shooting positions, a warming house, and the berm 180 yards from the firing line. Both ranges are backed by a 150’ hill beyond the berms.

Watch the calendar for various events and scheduled range times, including pistol shoots, muzzle loader shoots, “Sight-in” days, club meetings, Range Supervisor training sessions, and etc.

The range is open only when a certified Range Supervisor is present. We’re always looking for more supervisors, so watch for the next training session! As a certified supervisor, you can open the range any time during daylight hours 6 days/week, and noon-dark on Sundays.

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